Birthright, is the debut EP for Scars From Rain. Comprised of 4 tracks which have grown into the staple and feel of a live Scars From Rain show. “We’ve been living and breathing with songs so much, that they start to become a part of you, it is this that inspires us to try and take it to another level.”- Scars From Rain Vocalist Mike King.

Scars From Rain album, Birthright opens with the kick arse track, “Flatlining,” which they felt woke up and shook the listener to feel something right away. The guitars, the drums and bass all combine to give you an immediate atmosphere; an awareness that something colossal is edging you forward to that point where everything comes together in a rousing chorus.

“Light Within My Misery” lights the hard rock chasm shouting that if what we are bringing our fans doesn't get us off... then we certainly don't expect it to get YOU off. This track hits you hard and rocks the walls from beginning to end. Scars From Rain only creates what they themselves can relate to their fans.

The third track from their EP is, “Over You.” We have all been there. That gnawing feeling of someone pressing your self-destruct button after they have left you. Yet, somehow to the end defiant determination remains. Letting a bit of funk in this rocker shows another side to what Scars From Rain brings.

“Paradise,” the final track rocks the classic melodic ballad to finalize this score. Bringing together all the talent and showcasing a markedly hard rocking debut.

Mike King - Vocals
Grace Hamilton - Bass
Jose Baptista - Guitar
Stefan Zinonos - Guitar
Felipe Gonzalez - Drums

All songs written by Scars from Rain and Louisa Scarff

except Flatlining written by Scars From Rain, Louisa Scarff and Valerio Mazzeo

Songs produced by Tom Hill at Resident Studios, London

(c) Scars From Rain 2013 – 2017