Rebels Over Flames

Rebels Over Flames comes from the heart of New York, where the sounds of metal hits the rock and ignites. Founded in early 2015 by lead vocalist Bam Garrido the band has had its line-up changes along the way. With the solidification of their current band taking hold, the focus and drive of what Rebels Over Flames has created seals what they have just begun and their roots are far reaching.
Cutting the edge of where old school meets the 21st Century metal sound Rebels Over Flames has created a variant merge between original Black Sabbath to the early days of Escape The Fate, yet with their ability to take the heavy modern metal sounds to both the English and Spanish speaking worlds this has spawned a fan base that is open and diverse making Rebels Over Flames so unique in the universe of metaldom.
The current band line-up is nothing short of strong empowered metal rock. This is the sound, their own brand of metal, this is Rebels Over Flames.

Rebels Over Flames
Hard Rock/Metal/Metalcore

Lead Vocals:Bam Garrido, Guitars/Backing Vocals:Johnny 6, Guitars:Zimmy Zee, Bass:Kikki Lloyd, Drums:E3

Band members bios

Bam Garrido (Lead Vocals)

Lead vocalist of Rebels Over Flames. Bam Garrido, was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. Currently still residing in the Bronx, he embraces his Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage, but proudly states he is, “All American Beef.”

Bam got his taste in music early on from his dad. Together, they would spin Pink Floyd's “The Wall,” “Dark Side of The Moon,” and a lot of Metallica, Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots (to name a few) that would come together to create what would become the distinct sound of Garrido's band: Rebels Over Flames. It was hearing bands like these according to Garrido that “got [him] into singing, performing, and writing [his] own songs.” Continuing to share this passion of music with his dad, Garrido would go on to be inspired by bands like HIM, Escape the Fate, Trivium- these all were the turning key to wanting to pursue the dream.

It was about 8 years ago Garrido took his dream and began jamming, and putting together his band. With lineup changes and name changes along the way, it was in March 2015 that Rebels Over Flames, which is what Garrido had always intended, came to be.

Rebels Over Flames is a taste of the classic hard rock mixed with 21st Century kick-ass roll.
This is the time, this is the place, and this is Rebels Over Flames.

Kiki Lloyd (Bass)

Smoking in more ways than one bassist and guitar player Kiki Lloyd brings that hard bass lead that is the construction melt to the wicked hard rock sounds of Rebels Over Flames. Hailing from the Bronx, Kiki is the layer that is hungry to create that well-known style and signature sound of rock, hard rock, found in her bones.

Along with playing bass and guitar Kiki is also a songwriter, basketball player and a gamer. Her favorite video game right now is none other than, Call of Duty.

Kiki Lloyd is that kick in the ace as she brings her positive attitude with her to every practice jam and gig ROF slams down. A pretty cool chick and a lit bassist all in the corner pocket of what Rebels Over Flames rock n roll sound blasts! She is the straight up real thing!

Johnny 6 (Guitars/Backing Vocals)

Johnny 6 is a classically trained musician. He started at an early age learning on the cello. A family richly influenced by the music of Puerto Rico: as Johnny's grandfather played guitar as one of the original Salseros in Puerto Rico, his brother a hip hop dancer in the 80's, a stepmother who was a professional Christian singer, and a cousin who performs with a popular rock band in the south... One could say it was Johnny's destiny to be a part of Rebels Over Flames.

Having performed with a few other bands - Gentlemen by Nature, Solace Kings and the Philistines (who have two singles on iTunes) - Johnny had responded to a Facebook posting about a musician needed. Responding, but almost missing the audition because he was in the middle of moving, as Johnny puts it, “Well... I'm here ain't it?” Since that time, Johnny has continually grown and developed alongside his classical style background, his family's musical heritage, plus his love for Linkin Park, System of a Down, Blessthefall, Lamb of God, Godsmack and many others, to take his admitted hyper party like demeanor and channel the ADHD into music that rocks.

Zimmy Zev (Guitars/Backing Vocals)

As a young child, Zimmy Zev found himself performing. Having a tough time relating to school friends, he found music to be a way of expressing himself. Taking vocal lessons, he began performing at bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. In 5th grade, he started taking private piano lessons and that is what really helped him to develop his ear.

Listening to Metallica's “Cyanide” inspired Zev to dig deeper. The music came in forms of Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses, Motorhead, Slayer, Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, BulletforMyValentine and so much more. After five and a half years of private lessons, Zev decided guitar was to be his weapon of choice. His first guitar was, as Zev puts it was, “a crappy fender strat style guitar my uncle bought off of Ebay.” Certainly, that guitar was the only beginning as other bands came and went until Bam Garrido and Zev connected.

Zev brings a thrashier sound, but a very diversified element to the ROF line-up.

E3 (Drums)

For some people at a very early age, their soul is stirred and driven to a calling. Maybe it is the heritage of Rebels Over Flames drummer, E3, a mixture of percussionist beats: Latino, Irish, West Indian that gave birth to his heart's rhythm. Whatever it was, E3 has developed his style. Within a family of DJs, Rappers, Singers, and Violin players, his way was made over to the drums.

Through various trials and struggles to find where he belonged, E3 finally had the right combo come along when Bam Garrido, founder/lead vocalist of Rebels Over Flames, wouldn't let E3 go. Garrido knew E3 was what ROF needed... The right drummer for his hard rock band. E3 has been grateful to Garrido for his faith and perseverance while E3 had to come to his own understanding of where he belonged. As E3 relayed, “Heroes are not just the people with superpowers. They are the artists I share my craft with. Way back in the early days I thought the lead singer of ROF was pretty good, but felt the rest of the band back then lacked the same drive. During that time, I had tried out for some other bands... But then Garrido, who I came to love, did not give up on emailing me, or texting me. Finally, I said this guy is serious. Let's build something.”

Now with the right band mates and the family support, E3 is more than in the zone to do this all the way.