Blazing their own original trail Converter Thief from Cleveland, OH, has arrived. As a group of bandmates, Converter Thief decided to take on a non-traditional approach to the Metalcore/Deathcore genre. Together they have created their branding and ready to singe the metal fray with their scorching power!

The band formed in 2014 when drummer Rob Young started jamming with original guitarist Greg Melnyk. With a few songs established under the philosophy of “Big Dumb Riffs.” Vocalist Luke Wallace reached out to Rob to take over vocal duties. After many months and a few replacement members, the lineup was finally complete. Converter Thief noticed as their lineup finalized, that their original sound had changed. It went from “Big Dumb Riffs” to melodic metalcore riffs, as they embraced the sought after straight forward thrash influenced drumming. Some have classified this sound as “Scrap Metal.”

With their debut EP “Salvage” out for almost a year and being picked up by internet music label, Cannonball.Rocks, Converter Thief knew it was time to write for their first LP release.

As their increasing number of fans has expanded far beyond their hometown, Converter Thief has set their sights on touring as they begin their epic journey around the Great Lakes region. Their mission? To scatter their music and energy to each and every person that attends a show.

“We really enjoy what we do. If people enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it. I would consider that a marked success."- Rob Young (drums)

Converter Thief is: Luke Wallace – Vocals, Johnny Hogarth – Guitar, Arthur Lawrence – Guitar, Jon Buser – Bass, Rob Young – Drums