Methods Of Torture


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After releasing our EP titled Salvage we starting the writing process for our debut album. We went through two line up changes within that time. The last line up change occurred August 2016 we then continued to write for the album. Our new guitarist wrote most of the songs on the album. Luke wrote all the lyrics. Battlefront was written by the previous bassist Dave Guativa. All pre-production was done at Rob’s home studio which was very difficult. We then had to let go of Johnny Hogarth during the pre-production stage. The album was recorded at Intercept recording studio by engineer Brendan Mack.

The cover art, Drawn by April Grady-Reyna was initially meant to depict the original opening track for the album called Colombian Necktie. As it turns out the band felt the song wasn’t strong enough to go on the album but the cover art was already done. So, The band decided to call the album Methods of Torture to fit the theme of the cover artwork. The 2nd song on the album abducted was written only 3 weeks before the production started. There was very little time to work with it before production began.

While Luke was tracking vocals there was a point that Rob started throwing peanuts at him. Luke became pretty upset with Rob however, It was very funny. Jon found a little pink bunny hat complete with ears at Walgreens. The band then passed it around taking selfies with the hat on. The looks we got when we went out to breakfast/lunch with it was priceless. While tracking everything except for drums there were many gummy snacks being eaten but mostly thrown around as if the band was made up of children……..well I guess they are children at heart.
There were many hours recorded during the recording sessions. Currently the video is being edited down to about 30-40mins. This video will be released at a later date most likely for free. This will give a better depiction of the childish antics that took place while recording. Most think that bands are super serious when recording which they are but they are far more childish as well.

EXTRAS included in ALBUM

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1. Djenterate 3:09 min
2. Abducted 3:24 min
3. The Blonde With Tits 4:21 min
4. Carved In Stone 3:33 min
5. Battlefront! 2:26 min
6. H.L.A. 4:06 min
7. Goodbye To Yesterday 5:42 min
8. Final Judgement 3:41 min